Backup & Disaster RecoveryProtecting your business is important. You buy locks for the doors and insurance to make sure you’re protected while your business grows. But what about your data?

Reliable Data Protection for the Business of all Sizes and Environments

Packed with innovative backup features, our Backup & Recovery Solutions sets high standards for new data protection, covering four editions: Workstation, Server, and Advanced Server, suitable for different business sizes and environments.


of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year.


of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.


Did you know that your data is arguably the most vital asset to your business? If critical information is lost or compromised, it can damage your business and close your doors
for good.

In today’s technological landscape, you need to be able to protect your data from threats of all kinds. No matter if it’s hardware failure, extreme weather, cyberattack or just plain human error—when disaster strikes, you need to be sure your data is safe and you’re back in business fast.

Reliable & safe

Prepared For Any Disaster

Having a BDR solution is a great idea, but an actual data-loss event is not the time to use it for the first time. Additionally, not all disaster recovery efforts are the same. Recovery from a natural disaster like fire or flood can differ from a cybersecurity attack or a user error, for example.

With our BDR solution, we’re able to simulate and test a coordinated disaster recovery scenario, ensuring all the necessary technology is in place, personnel is trained, procedures are in place and data is restored as fast as possible. We’ll use our expertise to customize a business continuity plan that’s tailored to your specific business requirements.

Cost Savings

In a worst-case scenario, the speed at which you can restore business continuity (the term that’s used for maintaining online systems, data and functionality) determines the magnitude of financial loss. Advancements in cloud technology offer small businesses an unprecedented opportunity to tap into resources that were once only available to large enterprise organizations. With regard to backup, a cloud-based storage can help business drastically reduce the cost of data replication, offsite storage, and more.

The result is that in the event of a disaster, we can spin up virtual servers in the cloud to get your business back online in hours instead of days, mitigating your financial loss. And, with our continuous data protection technology, the most current backup of your system will always be available—allowing you to get back to business, drive revenue and restore employee productivity.

Peace of Mind

Managed IT Services is a strategic method to streamline operations, cut costs and stay focused. Businesses that make this a part of their process realize increased core business success. Benefits include growing market share, building and caring for their brand, increasing revenues and planning for a future of attainable, sustainable growth.

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