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IT Management

IT Management provides clients with 24/7/365 IT management service, which includes monitoring, support/troubleshooting, maintenance, reporting and asset management of their IT infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, applications, desktop/laptops). It can be delivered remotely, with onsite augmentation when required, and can be used for clients’ infrastructure that reside on-premise or within various cloud systems. 

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Inventory and Warranty

A key aspect of any IT management service includes the provision of real-time information feeds, system statistics and inventory/warranty lifecycle management. In addition to 24/7/365 management, we will perform full inventory and warranty management as part of the Manage IT service.
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Full Patch Management

We will keep up with updates and enhancements to the products you have already implemented within your IT infrastructure. Management of these updates will help protect you from any potential vulnerabilities. We will work with your organization to schedule outages (at any time of day) to install the tested and approved patches to the managed environment.
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Proactive IT Management Service

Health and performance of hardware and operating systems is critical. We guarantee proper performance of your environment via strict SLAs. We ensure a 99.9% network uptime and availability throughout the year.
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Fixed Monthly Cost

The pricing structure of our IT management service is based on a fixed monthly rate per device, server, network or cloud service(s). Our flexible cost model is calculated based on your device count. You can add or remove as devices as needed.

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Additional Benefits of IT Management

Remediation and Troubleshooting

We provide remediation by identifying risks and then resolving any degradation of services.

Online Portal Access

Better manage capacity, availability and ensure that you are properly budgeting and planning for your IT requirements.

Manage Any Device

Manage networking devices (e.g. firewall, routers) and endpoints (e.g. desktops, laptops).

Discovery Management

Apply policy modules on approved, newly discovered devices. .

Authentication Services

Various cloud infrastructure and authentication services can be managed.

Servers and Storage

Physical and virtual servers can be managed from various manufacturers.


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