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IT Virtualization

IT Virtualization is our hosted cloud service offering that allows customers to migrate their on-premise server environment onto our hosted private cloud. Data storage and applications are hosted on a redundant series of servers and storage, providing enterprise grade resilience and performance. Primary key advantages to this service include fixed cost predictability and data compliance. 

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SLA Driven Performance

A combination of redundant SAN infrastructure and a high availability server blade environment power our extremely reliable and powerful cloud service. Your infrastructure is available and secured by a strict, penalty-enforced 99.9% SLA.

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Geo Compliant

One of our key design decisions was to keep our server data centers local in the United States. There is no offshoring, which provides our clients peace of mind that their data is within reach. We use a SOC 1 compliant data center to ensure that your data is secured with the highest industry standards.
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Disaster Recovery Ready

High availability for quick server and system activation is provided through hot and cold replication. This means you receive additional backup of your already replicated server environment. In the event of an emergency, the other copy of your server environment can be available for use.  
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Fixed Monthly Cost

The biggest challenge in delivering a secure and stable IT infrastructure is understanding the power demands of applications. One advantage of our IT Virtualization platform is that the pricing structure is based on a predictive monthly cost model.

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Additional Benefits of IT Virtualization

Snapshots Library

During critical server upgrades or simple security patch installation, you can revert to a previous server snapshot.

Security Suite

A customizable set of security functions can be added to your server hosted platform.

Straightforward Security

Receive clear documentation to help you understand the inner workings of the product platform.

Extend Your Premises

Either entirely or partially migrate infrastructure or extend an existing on-prem IT infrastructure’s capabilities.


Our cloud service provides a 100% scalable, flexible server environment to fit your needs.

Multiple Resources

Virtual machine resources (vCPU, vFirewall, RAM and Storage) in our private cloud service are available.


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